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Two Friends with a Tablet

KMAC Academy

The mission of KMAC Academy is to offer small, personalized tutoring instruction while fostering the overall development of child during the early childhood years. We partner with Unique Busy Kids Children's Center to offer a dynamic tutoring program for families looking to improve their child's skills in the school setting.

Kinsley, Me and Company Academy is NOT a school. We operate under KMAC as umbrella to provide: 

-personalized instruction

-standard course of study mirrored to NC Common Core-without the demands of a regular school setting

-mastery of content in reading and math 

-whole child development through enrichment, real-world application, and more

Kinsley, Me and Company

KMAC Academy- The Family Approach

Each parent of every child enrolled will automatically join our Parent Advisory group. We believe that the key to a child's academic success is through a strong home and school connection. We encourage parents to become involved with their child's learning by:

- support of teacher and educational learning environment

-knowledge of parental rights inside and outside the school environment

- providing referrals and assistance to families who are in need of essential baby items

-quarterly newsletters with the latest early childhood development trends 

-and more!

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