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Doula Fund 

Kinsley Kares program initiative was started in 2021, awarding our first receipient with rental assistance. Kinsley Kares is our signature program that highlights critical areas of the mother's maternal development, by providing post-partum support, essential baby items, parenting classes and more.

We are excited to launch our first ever doula fund thanks to a local organization who believes in the mission and values of Kinsley, Me and Company. 

Our Kinsley Kares Doula fund will cover

-initial phone consultation

-2-3 pre-natal visits

-birth plan development

-physical/emotional support during labor

-on-call starting at 38 weeks

-Unlimited communication

and more

To apply, please submit interest through our form. Applications will be accepted until March 10th. Receipients will be notified by March 31st. 

Support our fund by donating today. Visit our Get Involved page to support our organization.

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Kinsley, Me and Company

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