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Mommy and Me, Kinsley and Me

Updated: May 21, 2020

Hey everyone!

I am so thankful for the feedback I am receiving for Kinsley and Company. Soon, I will rebrand as Kinsley, Me and Company (due to trademarking and copyrighting within NC), but no worries. Ever since I started the website and blog the feedback I am receiving has definitely kept me going. God has given me a gift and I pray that one day my purpose will soon be fulfilled through this brand and organization. In the meantime, I will share parts of our journey with you all.

I began Kinsley and Company in April during COVID and I filed as a non-profit in April as well. My goals with Kinsley and Company are to offer support to women and children through various efforts, partnering with local companies and agencies to provide women with essential needs for children, education events with day-cares, and more. My vision for the company is to create a meaningful village where Mamas of all walks of motherhood, single, married, surrogates, can come and chat, meet others during Meet and Greets, and be encouraged.

I know that there are women out there who want to identify with those whose stories are similar and they can relate. I can be honest, I'm not the biggest "Mommy and Me" expert. I'm not one to dress us up alike all the time, because I want her to express her individuality. However, I do want her to feel included in the work I do and I pride myself with surrounding her with a village that teaches, loves, praises, disciplines, nurtures, and respects her.

I am a mother that is single. I am an educator, I'm apart of two prestigious organizations, and am now the founder of a future non-profit. The work gets heavy, but heavy is the head that weighs the crown. I have to give myself grace as well, because the sows I am planting into my daughter is so blissful. She's so beautiful and smart, and thanks to her village, she never goes without. So I encourage all Moms out there, whether you are single, married, etc, give yourself grace, know that you are the best Mom your child/children can have, and breathe.

Don't forget to breathe, and laugh a little. The world needs more love.


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