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Our very first event!

On Saturday, 9/19, Kinsley, Me and Company hosted our very first event titled "A Community Baby Shower". I have been planning this event since May, and I am so glad that it turned out well. There were a few kinks, along with a few mishaps but it was expected and no one would have noticed because we had so much fun serving the community.

I chose the Charlotte Hawkins Brown museum because of the history that Charlotte has left behind. A single mother, started her school at 19, and led one of the most prestigious school for African-Americans in the South. Not many people are aware of the hidden gem that is the CHB museum. It's inspiring to me because one day I hope to leave a legacy behind like Charlotte has.

I was inspired to host a community baby shower because I recognized the need in the community for mothers. Not just single mothers, but ALL mothers. We are all on this walk through motherhood together, and our story may not look the same as others, but one thing I do know is that we need one another. Each of us has something to offer one another. I have met many mothers in the community who pour into me, and I want to do the same for others. Hosting a baby shower came naturally to me because I believe that it takes a village to provide for mothers and children and my goal is one day for Kinsley, Me and Company to do just that.

Over the next months I plan to sit, reflect and prepare for what's next for KMAC. It's funny because guests were asking me what I had next, and while I am so excited for our next event, running a non-profit by myself is very challenging! Also, I am working on my childcare business, teaching virtually, mothering a soon to be threenager, all the while trying to find self-care time for me. I pray to God for balance, direction, and a plan that is in his will. I am planning a pop-up with Highly Favored Childcare, and possibly a Christmas event, but things are changing daily with COVID guidelines so I also want to be mindful of that.

Our next campaign is #MoreThanAMother. Be sure you are following us for all things Motherhood coming soon!

With Love, Ty and Kinsley.

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