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representation matters.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Have you ever seen a heart smile on the outside

It feels like warm cocoa on a cool day

I have many kids who make me feel like heaven on the inside.

I teach an array of stars, some who cross continents while they were born

Creating new galaxies, in a space created for our future leaders to shine

My students are my constellations and I admire their innocence

The future lawyers and scientists and actors that sit side by side

Hands grasped , creating a palette of colors only the purest artists can take inspiration from

My kids are the greatest you will ever meet.

The little brown boys that are natural protectors and leaders

Latchkey kids, but the doors of opportunity are endless.

my little brown girls who take after me

Their mannerisms resembles mine, dainty but fierce, small but mighty

Their big, brown eyes carry a twinkle or two

reaching up to feel my hair that’s coily and kinky and springy

Kitchen hairstyles, as we would call it, but to them, it’s magic

they said “Ms. Jones, your hair is just like ours

And your skin is just like ours

I’m amazed everyday, by my beautiful stars

They need us, just like we need them

And in my arms I hug children who feel safe

Standing by my side.

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