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The Breakthrough

Breakthroughs are like forgiveness. (Sarah Jakes Roberts)

Forgiveness to yourself, forgiveness to whatever disturbed your peace at once point. What I appreciate about breakthroughs is the opportunity to see myself for who I really am. I know there are many times we think to ourselves, “Man I don’t know how I’m going to make it out this one,”, but I am a firm believer that God uses the breakdown to show us that he believes in us enough to know we are going to be alright. If he brought you through it before, trust and believe he WILL do it again! 

What the breakthrough looks for me, is each day I confidently know who I am, and whose I am. Allowing myself to feel every emotion whether it’s happy, anger, sadness, and channeling that into something positive that will benefit my daughter and I. Currently, focusing on blogging, my business, eating semi-healthy, just overall improving my home life and personal life has benefitted my emotional state of mind to say that “I’m okay.”, and if I’m not okay, then I know I WILL be okay. 

Quotes from my teacher Momma 

We have to make a decision about what to do and he will help you..

If the enemy knows he can get to you through him, he will use him.  (ain’t this the TRUTH!)

I want to be the best Mom I can be without it weighing me down. There’s a way to deal with it . 

After I made my post “Don’t Breakdown before your breakthrough”, I received so much feedback, both positive and negative. The great thing about speaking my truth, is to know that there are people in the world who relate to what I’ve experienced. Although I was hesitant to speak about postpartum depression, I’m glad I did. I want women of color to know that we don’t have to suffer in silence.

Constantly feed your emotional health. You are valued, and needed.

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